Poem Him

I feel smile e when I speak to him, I feel warm.
happy and cosy too,
could this be an attachment,
a bound
or lust?

I feel smile e when I talk to him,
and comfortable too.
Could this be a start of something fresh,
and vibrant too.

The good vibes,
his humble too.
I feel smile e when I’m with,
we a lot talk too.

Good emotions flow,
flow like a river,
excitement does too.

and good conversation.
Laughter, giggles,
and jokes too.

This friendship is one of a kind,
built on solid foundation.
and true,
hope it last,
I’m sure he does too.

I feel smile when I speak to him,
It’s good to hear his voice.
I feel him,
he likes me too.

Are we meant to be?
only God knows.
All I know is…
I feel smile e when I speak to him,
gladness and care too.

Poem by Chrissie
Poem I Feel You
Dedicated To True King
© 5.6.22

Smile e with him.

Poem Sometimes

Sometimes we feel sad,
and confused.
Other times we feel happy,
and glad,
momentary pain,
living is a gain.
Focus on the gain,
not the pain.
Everlasting joyfulness
and peace from within is your strength.
Sometimes we feel sad,
and blue,
count your blessings,
and smile.
Don’t live bound,
rise and live.
The sun is shining,
be of good cheer.
Endure and Live,
Live to win.
It’s only for the moment,
it too shall pass…

Poem Jesus is Like

Jesus is like my sanctuary,
my sweet melody.
I sing and dance,
full of cheer.

Jesus is like my sweet melody,
the tune is so sweet.
He is like the cool air on a hot Sumners day.

Jesus is like the sweet smelling fragrance,
pleasant to the senses,
his essence is sweet.

Jesus presence is marvellous,
and victorious in the midst of us all,
King Jesus,
Our King.

Poet Chrissie
All rights reserved

Poem Not All That Glitters Is Good

Not all that glitters is good,
looking dazzling,
yet deception is real.
Nice without substance is not nice,
Flow with the truth,
be discerning,
bait is real, temptation too,
not All that glitters is good.
Deception is real,
truth is best.
Go with the truth and leave the rest.
Not all that glitters is good,
Charms is deceptive,
Beauty is fleeting,
but a man that loves The Lord should be respected.
Go with truth,
not the lies.
Flow with God,
not all that glitters is true.
Deception is real,
clown are not real,
deception is not cool.
Your no fool,
pray and discern.
Not All that glitters is good,
Not all is true and real,
Be wise,
Be Discerning.


Proverbs 31
1st Samuel 16 vs 7

Say No to deception!
Yes to truth.

The word of God is like a magnifying glass, as yourself does it align with scripture? God’s word is your light.

Know scripture, bring it to scriptures, light is scripture, God’s word.



If ignorant get to know God’s word and ask God for wisdom and discernment.

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